Coming Out

A Dozen Coming Out True Stories

Here are a dozen coming out true stories that we hope you will enjoy...


4 Ways to Keep a Love Relationship Going

Relationships advice: Communication builds healthy relationships   So you’re in a healthy love relationship and want to...

STI Guides

What are the Risks of Infection?

Sexual Behaviour and Risk Levels                         Different sexual behavior carries different STI risks:  RED LIGHT  (High Risk)  Vaginal or anal...


Dr Laura: Homosexuality an Abomination

Dr Laura Schlesinger on homosexuality - and a response In...

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8 Gay Sex Dreams Decoded

The meaning of dreams Don't sweat it about that steamy dream you had last night about a classmate. We...

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Hair Design

Modern Hairstyles for Men

Look modern There are mens' hairstyles & haircuts that can make you look more youthful, nerdy...

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