STEP 1: Picking an acceptable username, password & email

How to register & begin on this forum. Picking an acceptable username, password & email address.
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STEP 1: Picking an acceptable username, password & email

Postby chadz » 13 Jul 2005, 15:06

Registering for these Forums

STEP 1: Picking an acceptable username, password & email address

To register you will need an acceptable username, a valid and acceptable email address, and a password of your own device. Do not use a word in the dictionary for your password and it is best to include upper and lower case characters as well as numerals. Here is an example but don't use this one: Ch17kP53. Do not lose your password. You will be asked if you are 13 years of age or older which is a U.S. requirement for joining a forum. You will also be asked for a visual confirmation code to type into a box. Following this an email will be sent to your email address asking you to click on a link to complete the registration process

Acceptable User Names

Your user name must be between 4 and 16 characters and consist only of letters and numerals and limited use of _ and - (up to two instances of _ OR two of -, OR one of each). No obscene/questionable names will be accepted. The wildcard character "*" anywhere in the name is not permissable. Refrain also from using special characters like .°¤*¤°%#@+/?!=`~^$#@":;' etc. Any accounts registered with such usernames will not be accepted. The name may not suggest any special or official status on the forum. If you are NOT out, then pick a name that does not give away your identity if your parents or friends join the forum :)

Acceptable Email Addresses

Only aol .com email addresses are unacceptable to use in signing up. In addition, Chadzboyz does not reply to any aol .com addresses.
Our site host advises:
"While this might not seem fair, the largest quantity of spam complaints come from AOL users and we've found eliminating AOL addresses helps significantly in minimizing the risk of complaints. You can have the AOL customers supply an alternate, non-AOL email address."

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Re: STEP 1: Picking an acceptable username, password & email

Postby jaxx » 26 Jul 2010, 21:23


With most websites like this forum requiring you to create an account, do you find yourself in a bit of a pickle when it comes to inventing passwords? Many people use the same password for all their online accounts and often forget the password they came up with months ago. Hands up who doesn’t feel like banging your head against the wall trying to remember the password you created months ago?

Let’s face it - everyone has problems with creating and remembering secure passwords. That’s why we decided to help.

Tips on how to create and remember your passwords:

•Use the first letters of a sentence that you will remember,e.g. "I have 3 cats: Fluffy, Furry and Shaggy" gives: Ih3c:FF&S, or “Bouncing tigers have every right to ice-cream” becomes: Bther2I-C.

•Take the name of the website and then add your personal twist, like your height or your friend’s home address (e.g. “AmazonOceanRd6’2”). Avoid using your own contact details like your phone number or house number.

•Remove the vowels from a word or phrase e.g. "I like eating pancakes” becomes: Ilktngpncks”.

•Use a phrase from your favourite book and then add the page, paragraph or chapter number.

The Do’s and Don'ts of creating passwords


•Mix letters, numbers and symbols, and use case sensitivity (upper and lower case letters)

•The longer the better. Use passwords that are longer than 6 characters.

•Change your passwords at least every 60 days, cycling the numeric values up or down makes the new password easy to remember.

•Try copying and pasting at least some of the characters in your password that way keyloggers won’t be able to track your keystrokes.


•Don’t use words or phrases or numbers that have personal significance. It is very easy for someone to guess or identify your personal details like date of birth.

•Avoid writing your password down, use a reputable password manager to manage all your passwords.

•Don’t use the same password for several logins, especially if they involve sensitive financial or other personal information.

•Don’t tell anybody your password.

•When registering on websites that ask for your email address, never use the same password as your email account.
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